Fully Digital Learning Modules for First-Year Writing Courses

Replace your reader and rhetoric.

Fake News, The Rhetoric of Social Media, Good Faith Argument, Free Thinking, Protest Art v. Propaganda, and Research as Critical Thinking.

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reduce textbook costs by 90% – We’re talking under $10.

Students pay $5 (!) each when you assign one module. This is for when you just want to add one of our interesting units.

Or $10 for access to the whole library and you assign as many as you want. This is the whole semester’s-worth.

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Meta-cognitive critical thinking methodology

We’ve scaffolded over a hundred critical thinking “moves” (such as defining criteria for analysis, for example) into normal reading, thinking, and writing activities within a meta-cognitive framework.

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Who are we, anyway?

We are a small band of Big Publishing refugees,

Professors and authors,

and a university based user-experience firm

teamed up to make high-quality course materials available to everyone

(which means very inexpensively)

so that we can start to erode the opportunity gap

and do our part to make a fairer, more inclusive, and better informed world.

We go by “The Indie” to our friends.

Meet the team.



“The Indie”