The Deepening

Pat C. Hoy II

New York University (ret.)

3 Weeks

Paper: Evidence-based essay (with MLA citation)

Evidence –> Idea –> Essay

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Pat Hoy (New York University) uses a carefully crafted pedagogical scaffold to not only help students build inductive reasoning skills, but to kindle an academic curiosity and create pathways for students to transfer those skills beyond the writing classroom.

Developed over 30 years at New York University, Hoy’s methodology, which he calls ‘Progressions’ works with the best NYU students as well as students coming into the first-year writing sequence less-prepared (and invested) to do the work necessary to build and harness requisite skills. The Deepening draws students out of the thesis-driven, formulaic writing they’ve been trained to do, and encourages them to encounter readings in new ways–starting with evidence, and culminating in an original, evidence-based essay that teachers will actually want to read. 

table of contents

Introduction for Instructors

Reading and Induction

From “Healing Conceptual Blindness” Rhetoric Review 



   Depths and Principles

Working with Students in and out of Class

Overview of Progressions

The Deepening Progression

Lesson 1: The Essay

Essay: “On visibility,” John Berger

Essay: “Criticism,” Matthew Goulish

Video: The Double Life of Veronique, Krzysztof Kieslowski

Writing Exercise 1: Paragraph

Lesson 2: Reading

Essay: “Woman’s Beauty: Put Down or Power Source?” Susan Sontag

Essay: “Transfiguration,” Annie Dillard

Essay: “No Name Woman,” Maxine Hong Kingston

Writing Exercise 2 Letter

The Box Diagram

Lesson 3: Probing

Essay: “The Banking Concept of Education,” Paolo Freire 

Essay: “Stone Horse,” Barry Lopez 

Essay: “The Nature of Scientific Reasoning,” Jacob Bronowski

WE #3 (Scene)

Lesson 4:  Experimental Evidence / Scene Work

Essay: “Letter to Students,” Pat C. Hoy II 

Essay: “Incidental Trees,” Samarah Hennet

Essay: “150,000 Candles,” Justina Lee Sik Chi

Writing Exercise 4: Paragraphs

Lesson 5: Considering Form & Deepening Ideas

Essay: “Imagining ‘I’,” R. Paul McAdory 

Writing Exercise 5: Letter

Lesson 6: Deepening Ideas

Essay: “Marlboro Man and Migrant Mother,” Kathleen McClure

ESSAY Assignment

Lesson 7: Collaboration

Music: Dave Brubeck, “Take Five”

Reading Rubrics

Nice / Gaps / Ideas



Lexical Matters—A Baker’s Dozen (Glossary)