Bespoke Program

Whether you are an instructor, a department head, a manager, an HR team, or an educational content provider, The Indie can work with you to create your own scaffolded course.

We have developed some of the best-selling, highest-quality educational content for National Geographic Learning, Pearson, Cengage, and MacMillan, and we’ve brought our rigorous development skills to bear at The Indie.

We’ve also developed the Critical Thinking Scaffold that infuses any learning content with a metacognitive pedagogy that brings learners’ critical thinking skills to the forefront (for any level of thinker), and can provide actionable data for learners, teachers, managers, and administrators alike.

See exactly what we mean by “scaffold,” and how it works. (Best to do this after you’ve looked at this whole page, but I’ve put it here.)

How we do it

  1. We either work with your experts, or we can find experts and bring them on. (We’re pretty good at this, actually.)
  2. We rigorously develop learning experiences so that they truly mesh with the learner’s mind, and honest-to-goodness move their thinking to the next level.
  3. We build in our Critical Thinking Scaffold, which literally gives learners the experience of critical thinking, and the tools to take their best thinking skills into any situation—in future classes, the workplace, and (maybe most importantly) to life.
  4. We do it at least as inexpensively as any other company, and we think our process is more fun and our outcomes much better.

Send us an email to just chat about it (for free, obviously):

We can do three things together

Build YOU a scaffolded course

We can start from scratch with you—from an outline or an idea, and we can co-develop your course with the Critical Thinking Scaffold. You provide expertise, or we go find it, and we kind of act like a publisher. This is actually pretty fun for everyone.

Check out the sample–>

scaffold your existing course

Maybe you have a well developed course that you’d like to be able to get a little boost out of—a way to capture actionable data for students and administrators, or a focus on the critical thinking. If you’re developing courses for sale, our scaffold can give you a competitive edge over others’ courses.

build you a whole “genome”

Our Critical Thinking Genome is a comprehensive glossary of 112 key concepts in critical thinking—in our case, the cognitive “moves” that make up the critical-thinking process. These moves make up the metadata structure of the “scaffold.” But maybe critical thinking isn’t your thing. Maybe it’s problem solving. We can build you a genome for your own materials.

A snippet of the Genome–>