Lesson p.11

Photo by Peter Lewicki on Unsplash

End of Lesson Assignment: Be Deliberate

Here is a quick overview of the key similarities and differences between the texts “Migrant Mother” and “Seeking Human Kindness”:

  • “Kindness” depicts a young man sitting on dirty blanket on a city sidewalk. “Migrant” depicts a young woman holding her children.
  • “Kindness” presents a single, solitary figure. “Migrant” presents a family.
  • “Kindness” partly obscures the figure’s face. “Migrant” places the mother’s facial expression front and center
  • “Kindness” includes a sign (“Seeking Human Kindness”). “Migrant” includes no written text.
  • “Kindness” provides broader view of the setting/context. “Migrant” limits itself to depicting the family.
  • “Kindness” figure is dressed in dirty, ragged clothing. “Migrant Mother” depicts family in plain but clean clothing.

Look over this list of similarities and differences carefully. Then write a 500-word essay in which you compare the specific message(s) each text is trying to convey. What is the message about homelessness each photo seems to be making? Are these messages similar or different? How does each photo invite viewers to think and/or feel about this issue?