Why So Inexpensive?

Five bucks to students for one module?

Ten bucks for the whole library?

(Full disclosure: this is our roll-out discount. In academic year 2021-22, we expect to charge $5.99 for one, $14.99 for the library.)

Here’s why


We truly believe that independent, critical thinking can be the difference between a good life and a life of being taken advantage of; the difference between informed democracy and. . . we don’t want to find out. And so we don’t want to deny anyone the opportunity.


We’re all sick and tired of having the cost of textbooks be a slap in the face to students’ already difficult road to self-improvement, and social mobility.  (And why should less-advantaged students have to settle for whatever’s available free on the Internet?)


Because we can. This is what we know how to do. We’re privileged enough to have an opportunity to do something good, and if we can join forces, we can really do it right. With enough people signed on, we can make up in volume what Big Pub takes in hide.